Cutting Edges - המגרסה

Joel Bassaget - Web Series World Cup

October 28, 2018 Season 1 Episode 10
Cutting Edges - המגרסה
Joel Bassaget - Web Series World Cup
Show Notes

2:00 - “In 2013 I started blogging about it (Web Series)”
2:50 - “I started a deep study of this phenomena… I’m about to publicise a book about Web Series”
3:40 - “I thought it would be funny to have a world ranking of all web series”
6:20 - What defines a Web Series?
7:00 - “Web Series are the perfect narrative for our new habits”
9:00 - “Little by little, people discovered that there is an audience on the web”
11:10 - “They say - I’m going to do it and I don’t care what you think”
12:35 - “Web Series is alternative television”
15:55 - “TV and Mainstream Media has always been late”
17:30 - “What can the average web series creator learn for the next thing that they are going to do?”
19:30 - “Some creators have real producer strategies”
21:00 - “you need to create viral, it doesn’t just become viral”
22:10 - “We still have to innovate in the domain of distribution, in the domain of production”
24:45 - “You can make something and it won’t make money, but you will make a career out of this web series”
27:25 - “Be different, be original, this is the key to success right now”