Cutting Edges - המגרסה

Festivals Special

October 28, 2018 Season 100 Episode 1
Cutting Edges - המגרסה
Festivals Special
Show Notes

2:00 - how to make sure that your submission looks good?
4:00 - “Make it as comprehensive as possible”
5:30 - “There needs to be self awareness about where your series is”
7:45 - “I open up a submission and I watch the video before even looking at the rest of the information”
9:40 - “when we talk about submissions of pitches, than the written materials becomes much more important”
12:25 - “It’s really important to show what you can do as a filmmaker and what are the resources that you have”
15:50 - “on an indie level, it doesn’t have to be so quite as elaborate”
19:35 - “Look at the what the festivals do, are they a festival that gets a lot of comedy buyers?”
22:00 - “Web festivals in particular, have this vibe. More so than film fests”
24:30 - “this is one of the most amazing things on the internet, you can reaching anyone, anywhere. You can reach around the globe, we are not restrained any more by broadcasters”
28:40 - “the average of most web series is around 2-3, but the really good ones, you sometimes see translated subtitles into 17 languages, and than you’re like, OK, this one made it well”