Cutting Edges - המגרסה

Axel & Henning Ricke - Germany

December 31, 2018 Season 2 Episode 1
Cutting Edges - המגרסה
Axel & Henning Ricke - Germany
Show Notes

Episode Breakdown:
1:30 - “We started creating content quite early”
2:25: - “The whole filming stuff started when we were in school”
5:00 - “2 Days later we got a letter from the legal department of Warner Brothers”
6:55 - “Up until today we counted 59 Million Downloads”, “We got a call from the Wachowski brothers and they laughed their balls off”
9:00 - “Ever since we were kids we carried around a box and every time we had some funny ideas, we would write it on a piece of paper and put it in that box”
11:30 - “We got out our Play mobile figures from the basement of our parents and put them in front of the big TV screen and we shot some Western scenarios”
13:30 - “We locked ourselves in his little apartment in the back woods of Germany for a weekend with a huge amount of foam rubber and fleece and started building and trying”
16:00 - “It’s just really a project where we put everything in that we wanted to do”
19:00 - “The YouTube algorithm does not favor Web Series”
22:45 - “The Ad revenue from YouTube is a joke”
24:20 - “The basic question is how do you define success in the world of Web Series”
26:30 - “People are very much heading in the direction of watching serialised content”
27:50 - “You will not get anywhere without a team that stands behind you and supports you”
30:00 - “One thing that is emerging internationally is that network and telephone companies start building their own video portals”