Cutting Edges - המגרסה

Luke Eve - Australia

January 03, 2019 Season 2 Episode 2
Cutting Edges - המגרסה
Luke Eve - Australia
Show Notes

Episode Breakdown:
2:10 - “I started photographing a lot of local bands”
5:30 - “Short films are kind of dead in their opinion, if you want to get work in America - you need to be making a Web Series”
8:00 - “it’s hard to tell the story of High Life without talking about Low Life”
11:00 - “we were very specific about making sure that the story was tailored towards the  Web Series format”
15:00 - “The strategy for us was that if we could make something that was really nice production value and high class entertainment than we will get some critical success and a following, and luckily that worked for us”
18:30 - “The hard part with Web Series is how to cash flow it, how to finance it”
22:00 - “I think the next 12 months is going to be a really interesting period”
25:50 - “I got a little theory of myself, sometimes I get into trouble for it, but what the hell”
30:50 - “When I would talk to people about the show, especially to those who were already working in Television in Australia or elsewhere, they would go, Oh that’s cute, you made a Web Series - That would drive me insane”