Cutting Edges - המגרסה

Lorene Lescanne & Jeanette Norgaard - Denmark

January 03, 2019 Season 2 Episode 5
Cutting Edges - המגרסה
Lorene Lescanne & Jeanette Norgaard - Denmark
Show Notes

Episode Breakdown:
3:50 - “Content for the Web is very blurry at the moment, it can basically fit anything”
7:20 - “We went with the pilot to meet them (potential audience) directly in schools, high schools, we screened the pilot and got immediate feedback”
10:00 - “The problem is, if you try to do something perfect you just end up with something very, boring”
13:50 - “I always preferred to work with a smaller team for a longer time”
16:50 - “What touches you in the pilot is the mood and the atmosphere of the whole thing”
18:45 - “That’s what art and culture can do, is that you share something that you cannot explain”
21:40 - “it’s a very new format, and there’s not many people who know so much about it, so we’re still investigating what are our best ways to find funding, to find distribution” 
23:25 - “I think more and more broadcasters are going to emerge because there is a big demand on content”
27:20 - “We got some interest from some VOD platforms in Europe and America, but it’s very difficult for them to come onboard before we have the production and the full episodes”

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